Ana Cakic

Ana Cakic, Digital Marketing Manager

Speaks: English



Meet Ana Cakic, 

As a Digital Marketing Manager and Content Creator, Ana spearheads campaigns, creates and posts public content, and implements and coordinates the Company's promotional strategies, including online advertising and media relations with several print publications. 

Her responsibilities include developing, implementing, and managing digital marketing campaigns that promote the Company's services. She also works with the Team to brainstorm creative digital marketing strategies. Ana creates content for social media and other online platforms, manages the Company's social media pages, provides follow-up and updates relevant information to the clients, prepares reports on digital marketing campaigns' overall performance, and helps to build and maintain the Team spirit.

With the strong motivation to achieve results in the dynamic, fast-paced real estate industry, she stays up-to-date with market trends and new technologies.

Reach out to Ana, she'd love to hear from you.