Less is more

A few tips on keeping minimal décor. 

The eye can only catch a small amount of special in a single gaze. Don’t get me wrong, I love a random conversation starter, but there is a fine line between quirky and cluttered.This may sound strange to some but open shelving is not for storage. Treat it as a display case for visually pleasing meaningful items.Opt for decorative pillows with washable covers so you can actually use them. And only use 3-4 per sofa.Adding too many accessories is a disservice to your living space. Negative space is your friend, which creates the illusion of more square footage. It’s also easier to dust and keep your surroundings clean. 

Less is more and groupings of two or three items tend to create more impact than larger collections. Although plants can help improve air quality, they can also make things feel cramped if not properly proportioned. Plants look a lot smaller when outside and can be extremely deceiving. If your ceilings are eight feet, then a plant should be no more than six feet tall – measure it before bringing it home. 

Style large walls that allow the décor to breathe, rather than dressing every piece of drywall you can see. Don’t create two different feature walls in one room. Choose your favourite look and make it killer, but stick to one attention-craving wall.

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